Spring is around the corner, which means June brides will be heading down the aisle in no time. While the wedding might be planned, the honeymoon details could still be lingering. Let’s face it, going on your dream honeymoon can cost a lot, some couples skip the whole idea all together due to finances, which is too bad, because life only gets more hectic. Here are a few tips to help you save so that you’ll have an amazing trip to look back on a few years from now.

1.) Maximize your credit card: this doesn’t mean max it out, as in put the whole trip on the card. Instead, find a card that offers the best rewards towards your trip. If you are choosing a destination that will involve a lengthy flight, find a credit card that offers the best miles return. Then, start funneling your purchases through that card so that you are racking up as many miles as you can to use towards upgrades or free tickets.

2.) Delaying is a good idea: most couples that do decide to go on a honeymoon leave immediately after the wedding, sometimes while their guests are still enjoying the reception. By delaying the trip for a month or two, you can save an average of 60% of your income to put towards the dream vacation. With the extra cushion, you might be able to get a nicer hotel, or spend on experiences without worrying as much about budget.

3.) Use a travel agent: Once you have done initial planning of your own choosing the destination and setting the budget, using a travel agent who has connections abroad could get you a cheaper deal on different accommodations. Their job is to have contacts in other parts of the world, so investing a little in their services could go a long way for your trip.

4.) Off season is best: this is a well-known trick that can sometimes be tempting to ignore. Find the best time to travel to your dream destination when tourism is at its lowest. Your airfare will be significantly lower, as will hotel rates. This can help with eating at popular restaurants or visiting famous sites without fighting large crowds.

5.) Add it to the registry: it’s now more common that ever to register for help with your honeymoon instead of a silver serving platter you’ll never use. Many registry sites have an option for guests to contribute financially to the trip, or to buy you activities and excursions that you pick out. Don’t feel guilty asking for the trip of a lifetime over flatware.