Upgrade Your Curb Appeal on a Budget

May 22
Category | General

If you are ready to list, but are worried about giving buyers the best first impression of your home, there are several ways you can upgrade curb appeal without spending a lot of money. Here are some great ways to clean up your home’s outward appearance without going broke!

Lawn Maintenance:

Simple lawn upkeep is a DIY task that can add instant curb appeal. Keeping the grass cut regularly, trimming any bushes, and weeding flower beds will indicate that you have cared for your home inside and out. For a professional look you can even edge your lawn.

Paint the Front Door:

Make your front door pop and welcome guests with a color that contrasts to the front of your home. A gallon of paint costs as little as $25 dollars. A simple Google search of what color front door for a, (insert house color here), will give you lots of visual suggestions. You can also consider adding fancy house numbers, hanging a decorative wreath, or putting potted plants on the front step.

Wash the Dirt Off:

Simply use a garden hose on the strongest setting to get dirt and debris off walkways and siding. You can rent or borrow a power washer for any tough areas, but be sure to avoid the windows! Taking a scrub brush with bleach to any tough lime stains on stone or patio surfaces will also help clean up the look of your home for potential buyers.

Clean the Windows:

Start by cleaning the inside with Windex or other household cleaners. For outside, you can use your hose to spray off cobwebs or use a long-handle brush to scrub them clean. You might need to enlist the help of a neighbor and use a tall ladder, but cleaning both the inside and outside of your windows will make your home sparkle.

Light Fixtures:

There are so many affordable options for exterior light fixtures these days you might consider investing a little to upgrade the look of your home. Any outdated front door or garage fixtures should be replaced. If you don’t feel like spending money on new fixtures, you can always touch up the paint on the existing ones, replace the bulbs for consistent light, and make sure the glass panels are all clean.

By completing any or all of these affordable upgrades, your home will stand out to potential buyers from the minute they drive up for their first look.